What is The ‘Scan Me’ Feature in Future Cabs?

Future Cabs has provided with the Scan Me feature to facilitate its users to book rides quickly and for the drivers to get rides easily. Any user can book the ride with Future Cabs just by scanning the QR code of the driver of the Future cab. This unique QR code has been provided to all of the Future Cabs drivers.

How to book a ride with Future Cabs using it’s ‘Scan Me’ feature?

Broadly speaking of the ‘Scan Me’ feature offered by Future Cabs is for the making the ride-booking much easier. The advantage of this feature over the legacy ride booking procedure is that users just reach to nearby Future Cab and directly communicate with the driver regarding the ride to be booked.

Let us elaborate the Scan Me feature. Suppose a rider find a few Future cabs available near his current location. He can choose the available vehicle type to ride with, the rider can directly go the driver of that particular cab and ask for the ride. As the driver agrees that he is ready for the ride. The rider can book the ride using Scan Me feature by either of the following two ways:

1. A user can use his Future Cabs app and will Scan the QR-Code of the driver that will be there as an Image of QR-code pasted on the cab as shown in Image-1.

Scan Me Feature In Future Cabs


2. A user needs to open the Future Cabs app and tap on the Scan nearby driver section of the app as shown in the below Image-2 and point the camera of the mobile phone towards the QR-code to scan it.


A user can use his Future Cabs app and will Scan the QR-Code of the driver that will be there with the driver in his Future Cabs Driver app. A driver can open his QR-code from his driver app by following the below steps shown in the below two images:

On the Home screen of the Driver’s app, tap on the ACCOUNT, will lead to the My Account screen, now tap on the Scan Me will redirect you the screen where the driver can see his QR-Code and can show it to the rider who is interested to book the ride using Scan me feature with him. Driver’s QR-code will look like the following screen image:

As soon as the user scans the QR-code using his Future Cabs customer app by following either of the above mentioned two ways. Now the next step in each case will be to provide the drop location and the ride request will go to driver, whose QR-code you have just scanned. The driver will accept the ride and will ask you to provide the OTP to start the ride. And that’s it.

Scan Me feature has been provided by Future Cabs for instant ride booking to facilitate its customers and drivers. Enjoy the rides with Future Cabs.

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