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Automating the payment process is something every company is looking to adopt. Rightly so as now-a-day’s users mobile is their bank and their wallet too. And moreover, they want payments done and done fast.

So, bringing convenience and flexibility in payment process Future Cabs has integrated Paytm with its Application. So, now no problem of change. No fumbling in the wallet. Just tap on your mobile and done. Simple!

The most exciting thing is that our system automatically forwards the receipt of payment on the rider’s registered e-mail ID. In nutshell, we are going completely paperless as we are committed to make our environment green.

No more paper, no more headaches!

So, with our simplified payment process now book Future Cabs even if you don’t have cash or change.

But that’s not all!

Imagine if the most convenient and quick way to make a payment becomes the most affordable too. Sounds sweet. Right!

On making payment via Paytm we are giving exclusive cash back up to 10%. Users can redeem this cash back anytime during their next ride.

Pay better, Pay smarter

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